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Righton Objective

Retinomax Series and ACOMOREF2 series, the representation product of Righton Instruments
Retinomax Series, the world's leading handheld Ref and Refract Keratometer, delivers wide measurement range on par with table type Ref, with greater mobility, stability and accuracy. The Retinomax series is widely used as a global standard device for pediatric, screening, medical care in remote areas, disaster area and wide range of ophthalmic scene.
Current informatical society, eye fatigue, one of the typical modern diseases cause by eye accommodation issue is now easily discover by ACOMOREF2 series during screening basis. Accommodative Micro Fluctuation result will show in graph for easy reading, plus opacity detection function makes ACOMOREF2 the world first multi functional Refractometer.

Handheld Auto Refract Keratometer Retinomax K-plus3

Selectable from 4 types.
【LCD Type】
  • ・Retinomax Screeen(Only Refraction Measurement Function)
  • ・Retinomax K+Screeen(With Kerato Measurement Function)
  • 【View Finder Type】
  • ・Retinomax 5(Only Refraction Measurement Function)
  • ・Retinomax K-puls5(Only Refraction Measurement Function)
  • And also selectable from the following 3 kinds of target chart
    (Please designate it when you purchase.)
    Turip / Fireworks / Bear
    Common Functions
    New Function「Focus Assist」
    Focus assist function notices you “Just Alignment” with the icon’s color. Blue color indicates the working distance is too far away from the target, otherwise, the red color means being too close to the target. The green color means the distance from the target is OK. This instruments automatically starts measurement when the focus were matched for the stable measurement results.
    「New Child Mode」
    Child mode helps when measuring Infant’s refraction power with blinking LED varies to four color and Melody. The melody does not stop even though while in the measurement and the Fixation target changes their color to make infants interested in the device.
    Improved AX Auto Correction
    In the previous model, tilting value were indicated on the screen. The new Retinomax series has function that corrects Cylinderical Axis to tilted direction. An accurate measurement result will be taken with this function.
    High Speed Printer
    Portable and light. Having Auto Cut function and able to printout in high speed. Connecting PC with USB cable in the market, able to transfer the data though printer took off from the printer but power from PC (But not to printout).
    Substantial Memory Function
    Bulked up registerable people's 50(Previous Model) to 60 people.
    Original Function
    【Retinomax K+Screeen / Retinomax Screeen】
    Clear Liquid Crystal Color Monitor
    Equipped 3.5inches LCD color monitor with low reflection. It allows to measure with monitoring patient. For the operator does not used to look into View Finder, could be just like “Live View” of Digital Camera.
    Tilting LCD with ROM 100°
    Incarnated “Comfortable posture and measurement” that everybody requests on the Hand- held refractometer. Adjustable according to the patient’s posture and physical status within 100°.
    Light and easy to carry
    Decreased the weight from the previous model Centroid is on the grip that feels light when it is carried. And decrease the burden by holding it.
    Retinomax3 969g  →  Retinomax Screeen 960g  Decreased 9 grams
    Retinomax K-plus3 999g  →  Retinomax K+Screeen 970g  Decreased 29 grams
    Improved Battery Life
    Adopted Large Capacity battery which able to measure continuously 180 minutes, with no worries about the battery though in the detection survey. Do not have to bring spare battery and measure for 180 minutes (depending on environment and conditions).
    【Retinomax K-plus5 / Retinomax 5】
    View Finder Model
    With view finder observation, no limit operator age. Diopter adjustable range is +/-8D the same as Retinomax3. View finder arm angle is changeable of 0 to 135 degrees. Making measurement easy regardless of patients position or posture.
    Easy to carry with light weight
    Compare to the previous one, losing decreased the weight huge. Not grasping the grip formally but loading between Thumb and forefinger. Centroid is on the grip and decreases the burden when carrying it long time.
    Retinomax3 969g  →  Retinomax 5 940g  Decreased weight 29 grams
    Retinomax K-plus3 999g  →  Retinomax K-plus5 950g  Decreased weight 49 grams
    Long Life Battery
    Adopted Large Capacity battery which able to measure continuously 220 minutes, with no worries about the battery though in the detection survey. Do not have to bring spare battery and measure for 220 minutes (depending on environment and conditions).

    ACOMOREF2,auto refractometer series for a new era of refraction and accommodation testing. | ACOMOREF2 K-Model (Autoredract Keratometer)  ACOMOREF2 (Autorefractometer)

    3 in 1 Function
    With combination of Refractometer (Keratometer), Accommodative Micro Fluctuation, Opaque Media (opacity) screening.
    Reduce of accommodation testing time
    Accommodation measurement speed is remarkably improved that can be tested in 49 seconds per eye in SCR (screening) mode.
    Objectively find the cause of eye fatigue
    Patient's individual AMF (Accommodative Micro Fluctuation) value will be analyzed and from the data, High Frequency Components (1 – 2.3Hz) will be extracted and based on measurement data, chart location, accommodation reaction value and pupil size to formulate FK map (Frequency of Kinetic reaction).
    ADD Function
    The ADD function enable a patient's near point power to be measured objectively by applying accommodative stimulation. And auto AMF can detects if the power gives the patient eye strain or not by color indication.
    Residual Astigmatism Calculation (Only for K-model)
    Residual astigmatism calculation, necessary for CYL contact lenses and CYL IOL prescriptions, is automatically conducted and results printed out (K-Model).
    Astigmatism corresponding meridian target
    By adopting a new fireworks chart, patient with astigmatism are able to focus on either one of the lines.
    i-File software (options)
    Data can be managed by using i-File and view saved record using Internet Explorer


    Measurement range
    S-20.00D - +23.00D retinoscopy principle
    C+/- 12.00D
    Axis 0-180°
    Minimum required pupil size
    Φ2.3 mm
    Corneal size measurement
    0 – 16.0 mm (manually)
    Radius curvature
    5.00 – 11.00 mm
    Corneal astigmatism
    0 – 12.00D
    0 – 180°
    Residual astigmatism range
    0 – 12.00D
    Residual astigmatism axis
    0 – 180°
    Measurement range (center of cornea)
    Φ3.2 (R8.0 mm)
    PD range
    1 to 83mm
    Chin rest movement range
    45 mm
    Pupil size measurement
    2.0 mm – 12 mm
    254 (W) x 469 (L) x 477 (H) mm
    13 kg